Sue Torres Wants John McCain to Be Her Dog


A while back, we took a look at the campaign contributions of chefs and found that they leaned toward Hillary. Time Out now polls six chefs and finds them mostly pro-Obama. Sue Torres of Los Dados would feed McCain dog food — “I’d call it Chihuahua Chili and it would taste good.” Jacques Pepin of the French Culinary Institute would offer him “some vichyssoise with pureed turnips … to be sure he could eat it. I’m not sure he has many teeth left.” Craig Samuel of Smoke Joint would, um, remind him of his time in Vietnam by preparing “one of my favorite things in the world: bành mi, a Vietnamese sandwich.” Samuel also has the funniest Obama dish: “I’d wrap some pulled pork in bacon, and then follow with a pork dessert: ice cream in a dish rubbed with bacon fat. So he could say, ‘Look, I’m eating pork. Can we kill the Muslim thing now?’”

Commander in Beef [TONY]
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