Starbucks Offering $2 Iced-Coffee Drinks After 2 P.M.


If, like us, your afternoons are characterized by drooping eyelids, lethargy, petit-mal seizures, and other side effects of a busy lifestyle, Starbucks has good news for you. The chain, expanding a previously limited promotion nationwide through September 2, is selling any iced grande beverage for $2 after 2 p.m. to customers who present a receipt from earlier in the day. In this way, Starbucks hopes to create a nation of loyal coffee zombies, shuffling to and fro the Seattle-based java giant throughout the course of their workdays. While the promotion might not be enough to turn around Starbucks’ plummeting fortunes, it will give you a discounted caffeine jolt, which is all any of us ask of Starbucks, at the end of the day. (Or the middle of it.)

Starbucks’ Afternoon Drink Deal Goes Nationwide [CNN]
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