Southampton Bouncer Killed by Patron; A Growing Thirst for Wine in China

A Publick House bouncer in Southampton who asked an unruly patron to stop dancing on a table was strangled and died two days later. [Newsday]

An Italian ice vendor with a dirty past was spotted selling ices in Central Park this weekend without gloves or a license. In 2005, he was seen fishing his confiscated wares from the trash and serving them. [NYP]

An Applebees customer in Illinois was unlucky enough to find a four-inch lizard in a salad at lunch last week, but no action has been taken against the restaurant. [Pantagraph]

If Chinese interest in fine wine grows apace, expect small-producer Bordeaux prices to soar. Then again, if they like wine so much, maybe theyll start producing their own. [Slate]

Why arent farmers using the genetically modified seeds that could relieve the worlds food crisis? Well, for one thing, seeds that produce a higher yield of crop wont be ready for another twenty years. [Slate]

Eli Zabar summers in Provence, except for this year: He's reopening the Amagansett Farmers Market. [NYT]
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Forget clams, shrimp, mussels, and chorizo the real paella has only two ingredients: rabbit and snails. [WSJ]