Santos’ Party House Still Believes in Santa’s


Santa's or Santos'?Photo: Melissa Hom

Last night at Santos Party House, owner Larry Golden told us that Andrew WKs eggnog drink is still in the works, and we nearly wept with joy. But will the button-busting concoction be called Santos Summer Milk or Santas Summer Milk as originally planned? In an interview with BlackBook today, Goldens partner Spencer Sweeney says that although the club reluctantly changed its original name on the advice of its lawyer (if someone really wanted to fuck us, Sweeney explains, they could say its like Joe Camel trying to appeal to young children), he now has a plan to change it back: Im actually legally changing my name from Spencer to Santa. Really. I will be Santa Sweeney. Its gotta be called Santas. Its perfectly absurd. And kind of genius. When it comes time to renew that liquor license, will the Community Board really hassle a guy named Santa?

Power Player: Spencer Sweeney, Your New Santa [BlackBook]