Stacey Slichta Denies She’s a ‘Top Chef’ Contestant; Centro Sous-chef May Be

Slichta won't be on "Top Chef."
Slichta won’t be on “Top Chef.”

Reports about the coming crop of Top Chef contestants are floating around out there, and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Eater LA claimed that rumors that CIA grad Stacey “Slicha” would be a participant were “pretty much true.” However, this comes straight from the horse’s mouth: Slichta tells us she will not be on the show, and since, unlike Eater, she knows how to spell her name correctly, we trust her. Meanwhile, we’re hearing through good sources that one of the competitors is a young, female sous-chef at Centro Vinoteca. Anne Burrell, asked for comment, refuses to confirm or deny, so we’ll just assume it’s true. If so, she’ll have a big advantage in being able to draw on her extensive Iron Chef experience. Every little bit helps, after all.