‘Reservoir Dogs’–Style Fro-Yo Standoff in Brooklyn

reservoir dogs

Photo courtesy Miramax

Weve already noted that fro-yo shops have a tendency to open up right next to each other, but The Brooklyn Paper finds it disconcerting that in addition to Yogo Monster opening last weekend at 115 Court Street, Red Mango and Yofiore will open on the same block, between Ramsen and State streets, in September, making Court Street the new Curd Street. Yogo Monsters owner, Solomon Hwang, who opened his first store in Park Slope, says he only found out about the Red Mango near his second store after he started building it. Meanwhile, Yofiores Anthony Shim was aware of the competition but isnt sweating it, since he offers exotic flavors like pomegranate and blueberry. Reaction among potential customers is mixed: One woman is doubtful because This is still Brooklyn-Brooklyn, not Dumbo, or way down in Brooklyn Heights, while another says shes been trying to open a Pinkberry franchise in the area. Maybe open it in the basement of the Red Mango?

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