Rachael Ray is World’s Top-Earning Chef, With $18 Mil

rachael ray

Rich-o!Photo: Getty Images

Radar has long maintained a celebrity chef fame-o-meter, but lets face it, it was based on Internet searches and never seemed that accurate (Wylie Dufresne was in the top six!). Now Forbes brings us the list we really wanted to see the ten top-earning celebrity chefs. Unsurprisingly, jill-of-all-trades Rachael Ray is way ahead of the pack, pulling in $18 million a year, and is followed mostly by folks you see on TV every day.

2. Wolfgang Puck - $16 million
3. Gordon Ramsay- $7.5 million
4. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa - $5 million
5. Alain Ducasse - $5 million
6. Paula Deen - $4.5 million
7. Mario Batali - $3 million
8. Tom Colicchio - $2 million
9. Bobby Flay - $1.5 million
10. Anthony Bourdain - $1.5 million

Like Dufresne, Keller makes Radars list but not the Forbes one which just goes to show, it doesnt pay to kick around the kitchen.

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