The Pervy Side of Bar Boulud



Kind of reminds you of a sex-ed textbook, no?Photo: Jessica Coen

Bar Boulud has lots of standout features a sprawling and affordable wine list, the impressive charcuterie, a communal wine-tasting table but what really caught our eye on a recent trip was the 1995 Domaine A. Rousseau. It's been frequently noted that the walls in Bar Boulud are decorated with framed wine stains, making for a long row of grape-y blots down the length of the restaurant. But the framed Rousseau stain (at left) well, it just kind of stood out to us. Perhaps because it looks like a ladyflower?

Just to make sure this wasn't merely a matter of our heads being in the gutter, we asked our server if we were the only ones to notice that particular wine stain's genital resemblance we weren't. Kinda hard to miss and all.

But Bar Boulud features something potentially more pervy than the O'Keefe-ian wine stain (which pretty much dominated our dinner conversation): Has anyone ever noticed the underside of the lovely oak bar?

Daniel, you sly fox.Photo: Jessica Coen

Heads up, ladies: That's a mirror right in front of your legs so be sure to cross 'em. Otherwise you're offering an off-menu, very clear up-skirt view for anyone sitting in the booths across the aisle.