Perry St Alum Readies ‘Badass’ Project; R&L Down for the Count


Fort Greene: It looks like Perry St alum Tyler Kord is closer to unveiling his “casual badass” cooking at 7 Greene Avenue. The bar’s already in, plus the space has a major outdoor area. [Clinton Hill Blog]
Hell’s Kitchen: A resolved family feud at two adjacent Manganaros means Italian groceries and six-foot-long heros are back together at last. Check out the old-school photos of the once-rival stores. [Greenwich Village Daily via Lost City]
Lake Grove: Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace has lain the foundations of a potentially great burger in the month it’s been open. Unfortunately, though, while Flay has stated that “a burger should be about flavor and moistness,” what you might be served here lacks both. [A Hamburger Today]
Meatpacking District: R&L; just can’t seem to escape its Florent-crushing karma; the restaurant hasn’t reopened since a DOH shuttering two weeks ago, and still doesn’t seem ready to get back in the game. [Eater]
Midwood: Schnitzel rising: A Schnitzi outlet will open in the diamond district this fall, and we already know about supposedly healthy variations at the new Pita Joe. But breaded-cutlet lovers can also head to the heartland in Brooklyn, since “Coney Island Avenue is still the city’s schnitziest strip.” [NYT]
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