Paul McCartney Given Meat by Mistake at Nick and Toni’s; How to Make Bad Barbecue


The much-hyped Clover coffee machines, about which so much has been said, are finally rolling into area Starbucks. [NYDN]

Former Falai chef de cuisine Tom Block needs a job, and Bret Thorn means to help him get it. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Paul McCartney was served a meaty amuse-bouche at Nick and Toni’s, and told the waiter that the chef could “stick it.” And here we thought he was the cute Beatle. [Monsters and Critics]

Another international culinary contest, the IKA, competes with Bocuse d’Or, presumably as the NIT to the latter’s NCAA. You never heard of it? Neither did we. [Eater]

Why go to the trouble of making real barbecue when you can make a crappy, quasi-inedible substitute at home? All you need is indifference and a bottle of liquid smoke! [NYDN]