Paul Bocuse Himself to Attend Bocuse d’Or Semfinals

Daniel Boulud and Paul Bocuse with America's secret weapon .
Daniel Boulud and Paul Bocuse with America’s secret weapon .

It won’t just be the mighty panel of judges in Orlando next month frightening the Bocuse d’Or contestants. Aside from a cavalcade of luminaries like Jean George Vongerichten and Andre Soltner, contest founder Paul Bocuse will visit the U.S. hopefuls in Orlando in late September. The grand old man of French gastronomy will not be a judge, but he will observe and officiate in some ceremonial capacity, according to Team USA sources within Daniel. Since this is America and the contest is on Disneyland ground, though, no figure is too august for co-branding. As this photo of chefs Boulud and Bocuse, with Ratatouille’s Remy, surely proves.

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