New York Fails to Go No. 1 in Restroom Contest

Ninja's Toto-lly awesome toilet didn't make the cut.
Ninja’s Toto-lly awesome toilet didn’t make the cut. Photo: Daniel Maurer

New York revels in its restrooms more than any other city (okay, except for that city with the toilet-themed restaurant), which is why we’re shocked that the winner of the America’s Best Restroom contest seems to be in … Nashville? The land of outhouse derbies? Survey editor David Brandt says the results of the contest won’t be announced until tomorrow, but since the press conference will occur at the Hermitage Inn Hotel, we can only assume it’s the winner — and we’re told that after tens of thousands of votes cast at, the only New York facilities to make the top ten were the restrooms at Grand Central. Look, we hate to put up a stink, but something doesn’t smell right here. The survey just doesn’t hold water. In fact, we’d like to flush the results down Morimoto’s swirling-cyclone toilet. America’s Best Restroom, we implore you to do your duty — cut the crap and take a look at our Guide to Loos You Can Use.

America’s Best Restroom
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