More Mixed Reactions to Forge; Good Dessert at Parlor Steakhouse


Frank Bruni finds promise in Forge, praising the echoes of Larry Forgione in son Marc’s restaurants, but wishes the service and food were more consistent. [NYT]

In a more formal review, Randall Lane also calls Forge “inconsistent,” noting that Forgione can cook but tends to overcomplicate his food. [TONY]
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Michael White’s Convivio is “Manhattan’s most exciting southern Italian joint,” Ryan Sutton proclaims. [Bloomberg]
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Alan Richman thinks that Veritas has finally found in Basque - French fusion chef Gregory Pugin a man worthy to fill the shoes of Scott Bryan. [GQ]

Danyelle Freeman is most impressed with the desserts at Parlor Steakhouse, but was surprised by how good the filet was. That said, color her only two-stars impressed. [NYDN]

At Socarrat, Paul Adams eats simple, accessible tapas, but the real draw is the paella. [NYS]

The New Yorker pits two Persian spots against one another: Shalizar and Ravagh. Ravagh wins, but there’s room for both. [NYer]

The Greek restaurant Yiasou in Sheepshead Bay is “an incredibly pleasant place to dine,” says Robert Sietsema, and about half as expensive as similar estiatorios in Manhattan. [VV]