Miracle Connect Attempts to Calm ‘Berry Angry’ Customers

Sour grapes.
Sour grapes.

Miracle Connect, the homegrown miracle-berry supplier we told you about back in June, has caused a foodie firestorm unseen since the Kosher Village fiasco. The blogger known as Pablo Escobar points us to a post in which he complains that, after waiting well over a month for Miracle Connect to deliver his berries, he received a mass e-mail from the two-man company apologizing that demand had outstripped supply and offering tablets in lieu of the flavor-altering berries. That wasn’t good enough for some of the 216 people who were CC’d on the e-mail, and angry Reply-Alls soon began flying, with one customer who had already contacted the attorney general threatening to also notify the NYPD. We asked Miracle Connect for comment and received an e-mailed statement.

Again, we’d like to apologize to everyone who placed an order and never got their fruit. We never anticipated demand would so far outstrip this tiny operation. We’ve sent refunds via paypal to everyone who requested one, and have refunded the overnight shipping costs for those who paid for berries and got tablets. (As for the tablets, they work! Had one just yesterday. They also don’t need refrigeration.) Tablets were sent out today. If for some reason you are unable to access a paypal account, let us know, and we’re more than happy to send you a cash refund.

Hopefully this will temper the miracle-fruit rage, but the question remains — do the cheaper tablets really work as well as the berries? Comments, please?

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