Merlin Bronques Puts Sweaty, Greasy Hipsters to Work


Soon after nightlife photographer Merlin Last Nights Party Bronques was profiled by the Times in 2005, he pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth and by that we mean he stopped showing up at all the parties! Or photographing them, anyway. So where did he go? Around the world, it seems and also into advertising! Wild Dragon, a soon-to-debut Austrian energy drink, has just launched his Be Wild campaign featuring photos (as well as the above video) that, per the Website, show downtown New Yorks hip, cool and wild nightlife with its real and restless people, pushing the limits of their barefaced enthusiasm. Not to mention blowing all their cred by holding up cans of Wild Dragon! Ladies and gentleman, New York City hipsters hilariously described in Bronquess bio as sweaty, almost-underage clubgoers and greasy, PBR-shotgunning teenagers are a hot commodity, just like Brazilian booties!

Wild Dragon [Official site]