McDonald’s Revises Dollar Menu; Dogs Get Reprieve in China

• Higher food prices have caused McDonald’s executives to start eyeing a redesign of their Dollar Menu. Not likely to survive the cuts: the prized double cheeseburger. [WSJ]

• The average American eats 1.8 more pounds of food per week than in 1970, consuming a weekly total of 18.2 pounds. [NYT]

• A man who has collected airline menus for the past 40 years recalls that the airborne eats used to be quite marvelous. Caviar and seafood canapé, anyone? [NYT]

• If you’re looking to bulk up your cookbook library, cull from a list of chef’s favorites. For starters: Zak Pelaccio likes The Best of Thai Seafood and Pichet Ong is a Fannie Farmer fan. [Moment/NYT]

• Many restaurants in Beijing are taking dog off the menu during the month of August, so as not to disturb Western tourists visiting for the Olympics. [NYT]

• A British chef has apologized for recommending use of the toxic weed henbane in salads. He meant the wild herb fat hen. [BBC]