McDonaldland Is a Lonely Place These Days

The Grimace, enjoying his retirement.
The Grimace, enjoying his retirement. Photo: Getty Images

Imagine if you were McDonald’s, having to answer the same questions over and over again. We know we would get sick of it, which is why we sympathize with the hamburger giant’s exchange with a series of wise-guys in the United Kingdom. Eat to Blog points to a U.K. answer site in which McDonald’s is forced to answer such questions as “Is it true that the Grimace is autistic?” and “What happened to the Hamburglar? I miss him. Is he in jail, and if so, on what charges?” McDonald’s gets the last laugh, though, answering nearly every question with the same maddening assertion, saying “Ronald McDonald has four friends. Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie and Mayor McCheese,” but that the lonely clown doesn’t see them as much as he used to, an idea which casts a pall over our idea of McDonaldland. Is Ronald wandering through the London fog, friendless, badgered by churlish and inane questions? The Clown Prince of Fast Food deserved a better fate.

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