Marcel’s Mug Shot: Not As Humiliating As His Promo Shot


The mug shot may improve his image.Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Police Department.
Marcel Vigneron wasn’t happy with the photo we used when we ribbed him about his olive water-sphere martinis. How about this one? We attained it from the Laguna County Police after they picked him up on suspicion of drunk driving. The OC Register has also snagged the shot, and commenters there aren’t going easy on Marcel, thanks in part to a Top Chef-era photo that ran with the story. “What’s with the hair?” says one. “Looks like he sprouting horns, maybe HE IS the DEVIL.” Even better: “He should get a gold medal, and the John [sic] Beard award for thinking that hair is kool. It looks like it was styled by Mister WHIRLPOOL…” And: “He gets that hair from driving too fast with the top down.” And finally: “He should be ARRESTED for that hair (you go girlfriend!!).” Maybe there’s still time to change the charges?

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