Limelight Will Reopen As a Shadow of Its Former Self

The club formerly known as Avalon.
The club formerly known as Avalon. Photo: Getty Images

Ever since it closed in January, Avalon’s future has been uncertain. There were rumors of a mall, a restaurant, you name it. Now Steve Lewis brings official word that the venue will again be called Limelight but it most certainly won’t reopen as a club. Says Joe Dirosa, owner of New York Artist Series, “My company has worked out a joint venture with [landlord] Ashkenazy to exclusively handle renting the space formerly known as Limelight as a place for film, TV, corporate, and special events, and what I call branded experiences. I SAY THIS WITH NO UNCERTAINTY THAT THE PLACE WILL NOT BE A NIGHTCLUB.” He continues, “I would truthfully like to see the place eventually become a NEW YORK ARTISTS SERIES GALLERY AND EVENT SPACE.” We suppose we can live with this, since we haven’t been paying customers at the Slimelight for some time. Nothing wrong with being able to hit the place for some open-bar-fueled, corporate-sponsored nostalgia.

Back in the Limelight [Good Night Mr. Lewis]