La Maison du Chocolat to Open on Wall Street With New Look

From left, La Maison du Chocolat uptown and the chocolatier's sleek new look.
From left, La Maison du Chocolat uptown and the chocolatier’s sleek new look.

Parisian-based chocolatier La Maison du Chocolat will open a boutique and dessert café (its third New York location) at 63 Wall Street in October. The 30-year-old brand is eschewing its old-world, dark-wood look for a spare, bleached-blond setting that’s been unveiled in Paris and will eventually be adopted at both the Rockefeller Center and Madison Avenues outlets. Look for the usual platoons of cacao-rich bonbons and macarons, as well as a small seating area for hot chocolate and pastries. The new design is more Louis Vuitton than a sweets shop, but La Maison will fit in nicely with chichi neighbors such as Tiffany and Hermés. And in these troubling economic times, chocolate is a much more affordable treat for the courtesan than anything in a little blue box. —Alexandra Vallis