Jay-Z and Beyoncé Find No Quarter at La Esquina

Ninety-nine problems, but a reservation ain't one.
Ninety-nine problems, but a reservation ain’t one. Photo: WireImage

Remember the story about birthday partiers being rushed out of Lucali so that Jay-Z and Beyoncé could be seated? According to the blog Crunk and Disorderly, it happened again at La Esquina, but this time the birthday boy was hairstylist Yusef Williams, and he wasn’t having it: “In walks Jay and Beyonce. Yusef had the back room on lock so the over zealous waiters started to try and rush the guests by offering them free meals! These people were too fab to care about some free meal and rushing for B & J. Needless to say Jayonce bounced.” No doubt the management was able to hook them up with the “hidden room” at soon-to-open Café Select.

Mashonda Bounces Restaurant Bill [Crunk and Disorderly]