Is Adour Chef Tony Esnault Out?


Gita Sweeney, left, Tony Esnault, center, and Sebastien Rondier, right, living large in better days.Photo: Melissa Hom
We thought it was odd that Adour, Alain Ducasse’s ambitious bid for the hearts of New Yorkers, would close for the entire second half of August. But now two industry sources tell us that chef Tony Esnault is leaving, and may have been fired by Ducasse. Strangely, given the savage criticism that sister restaurant Benoit received, its chef, Sebastien Rondier, is said to be safe. “The problems with Tony were personal ones,” says one source. “The restaurant wasn’t doing well and people aren’t happy there. Part of what happened at Benoit had to do with management, including Tony.” No word yet on who Esnault’s replacement will be. Ducasse’s spokespeople were quick to deny Esnault’s departure.

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