Is a New Chef to Blame for La Esquina’s Shrinking Breakfast Burrito?

You're kidding, right?
You’re kidding, right?

Rob and Robin picked La Esquina’s breakfast burrito as the best in the city for good reason: The thing was a hulking mass of cheesy goodness. Who cares if the chorizo grease ate through the wrapper, the stringy Oaxaca cheese got all over your clothes, and it left you feeling like you had swallowed a soccer ball? It was a tequila drinker’s breakfast burrito. That’s why we were horrified (horrified!) when Sugar Substitute noticed that something started happening to the behemoth a couple of weeks ago: “Every day it got smaller; the cheese disappeared, and potatoes began to appear regularly. In its current incarnation, it is a small mostly potato and egg burrito without cheese.” Indeed, look at what we got this morning: The thing is more of a dainty wrap than a proper burrito! When we called to demand an answer, we were told there’s a new chef, named José, whose last name couldn’t be divulged. We’re waiting to hear more from La Esquina’s rep. As soon as we get José’s last name, we will demand the old burrito back. Or maybe we’ll just suck it up and thank him for sparing us the 30 pounds we were poised to gain.

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