Graydon Seen in Siberia, Female Servers Nowhere to Be Found

Waiter Andres Glasner needs female companionship.
Waiter Andres Glasner needs female companionship. Photo: Melissa Hom

In what is perhaps the most improbable Waverly Inn sighting of all time, a reader tells the Times that Graydon Carter was seen dining in Siberia with his family. So maybe waiter Andres Glasner wasn’t pulling our leg when he told us that the garden was the best place to eat? Speaking of waiters — another reader notices that the Times’ staff photo of the Wave doesn’t include a single woman: “Is it possible no qualified woman has applied? Or perhaps the female staff members were all home sick on the day of the photo shoot?” Or maybe Graydon Carter just wants to give all those gay and female fashion editors some eye candy?

Letters: Clubby Feeling [NYT]