Graydon Carter Buys Monkey Bar

Graydon Carter makes Monkey Bar his own.
Graydon Carter makes Monkey Bar his own. Photo: Getty Images, Shanna Ravindra

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, whose ownership turned the quiet Waverly Inn into one of the city’s most sought-after reservations, is the mystery figure buying Monkey Bar, the Times is reporting. The restaurant will close for a year and reopen next summer. Carter’s rep tells the Times that the space will be “a small restaurant, low-key,” which is also what they said about the Waverly Inn, and no doubt translates to “major power scene that is effectively Graydon’s midtown clubhouse.” It makes a lot of sense that Carter would covet the space, which is double-distilled old New York, right down to the famous monkey murals. We can’t wait to see the book explaining those.

Graydon Carter Buying Monkey Bar [NYT]
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