Enjoy the Last Days of Summer, and Good-bye

"And the days grow short, when you reach September..."
“And the days grow short, when you reach September…” Photo: iStockphoto

On this Labor Day eve, we find ourselves in a melancholy mood. The summer is about to pass, and with it our tenure as editor of Grub Street. We move onward and upward, but not without regrets. And yet, while the blood still creeps through our bloated and palsied fingers, we can still peck out some suggestions for the weekend, and a rueful message of thanks to Grub Street’s readers and staff for helping make the last couple of years so memorable. It wasn’t just the parties, free liquor, and the narcotic sound of our own voice that made us so happy to be a part of Grub Street; it was having co-workers and an audience so attuned to our ardor for the inner life of the world’s greatest restaurant city. A city, we should mention, which we are hastening to leave; today is a half-day on Grub Street. But it will be back on Tuesday, under the stewardship of Daniel Maurer, and in full effect. In the meantime, take another look at all the treats available this weekend at summer’s end.

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