Eat Drink or Die Launches Quietly Today


Does the Web need another cooking Website? Does Tom Colicchio need another venture? Doubtful, but that hasn’t stopped the launch of Eat Drink or Die, from the creators of Funny or Die. Conceived as a “premier video and recipe sharing site,” according to a press release, it currently looks anything but. Although technically live, the site looks beta, albeit with a fair amount of (boring) content. There is no Will Ferrell or Judd Apatow genius here to animate the site, and we really have no interest in being lectured to about rosé wines or seeing how a macrobiotic burger is made. Even with Tom Colicchio attached, the site seems less than promising. But how many big projects are great on the first day?

Eat Drink or Die.Com Video Website Launches [PR Newswire]