Does Beatrice Inn Have a Blow-thario?

"I live nearby."
“I live nearby.” Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Though the sexual fantasies of women at the Beatrice Inn are said to be more about louche bags than douchebags, the place is still a den of pheromones. Gawker tells us that you don’t even need to be Josh Hartnett to pull there — all you have to do is offer up some coke, like one blow-thario is said to do every night. His line: “I’m going to find you later because you look like the kind of girl who wants to do very bad things.” Other lines we recommend: “I know Chloë from hanging out in the park,” “I love your headband!” and “Did I see you in Radar recently?”

The Coke-Den Casanova [Gawker]