Does Apothéke Have a Hidden, Underground Entrance? It’s Chinatown, Jake



Right this way.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Last nights Supper Club party, thrown by Tamsin Lonsdale at Apothke, was really quite something mixologist Albert Trummer blasted fireballs of absinthe into the air (not to worry the FDNYs Dragon Fighters were stationed nearby), shattered at least one glass against the wall Siberia-style, and metered stuff into beakers like he was Mr. Wizard. Our favorite moment came when he took us aside and said, Youre good for a key. A key? Yes, thats right Trummer is handing out keys to his favorite customers, so they can access the bar via an unmarked door in the adjacent apartment building. This way, you can dodge the doorman during late hours and make your entry via an underground passageway. We didnt think this place could get any more atmospheric its a former opium den! On a block where gang wars were waged! but the subterranean entry is nothing less than Big Trouble in Little China.

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