Demystifying Wine Prices; Avoiding Hangovers With Organic Booze

• Why can the same bottle of wine cost $200 at one restaurant and $500 at another? Mainly because they can mark it up as much as they want to suit their needs. [WSJ]

• Getting rid of garlicky and oniony burps by turning them into minty ones is as easy as popping a pill. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• The Da Silvano-Bar Pitti vendetta proved itself alive and well when, earlier this week, Pitti owner Giovanni Tognozzi chased Silvano’s maître d’ up the street after he was spotted talking to one of Pitti’s outdoor diners. [NYP]

• Drinking organic beer and spirits could be a good way to avoid the dreaded hangover. [NYDN]

• Four Brooklyn deliverymen have been robbed on the job in the past two weeks. [BP]

• The Eagle Snack line and Hydrox cookies are both back on shelves after being discontinued in the past. [NYDN]