Daniel Boulud’s Beijing Restaurant Doesn’t Serve Chinese Food


Maison Boulud: not at all Chinese.Photo courtesy Time Out New York Like the "hot coffee" module in Grand Theft Auto or a night at The Box, Daniel Boulud’s Maison Boulud in Beijing has long been something we’ve heard about but never been able to imagine. That’s why Time Out’s Gabriella Gershenson did us all a service by actually going to the stone-walled mansion and eating a meal. The food is straight-up Boulud French with a few nods to the fact that the restaurant is actually in China: “The only dishes that struck a native chord were the Mongolian lamb, and the crispy duck confit, which I like to refer to as Beijing duck confit (better known as Peking duck, it’s the city’s imperial specialty),” she says. Whoever said “Only Nixon can go to China” obviously never heard of Daniel Boulud.

Boulud in China, or Kissinger Was Here [TONY]