Cutest, Weirdest Little Outdoor Café in the City?


It’s no Siberia, but the Top Café Tibet, which opened in Ditmas Park this summer, has to have one of the coolest locations in the city. It’s perched directly above some exposed outdoor train tracks — but that hasn’t stopped the owners from turning its front patio, so small it can accommodate only two tables, into a shady, breezy retreat festooned with fake flowers. The view you see here is from the Cortelyou Road subway station (pardon the bars). The menu includes inexpensive Tibetan specialties such as tingmo (steamed bread) and momos (beef, chicken, or veggie dumplings that can be topped with hot or very hot sauce), as well as rolls that are prepared at a tiny, three-seat sushi bar in the deli next door (Himalayan Sushi Inc.). Best part — since the deli is connected to the café via a passageway, you can grab cheap Russian beers out of the fridge and crack them on the patio. Not a bad way to kill time while waiting for the train.

Himalayan Sushi Inc. and Top Tibet Café, 1510 Cortelyou Rd., nr. Marlborough Rd., Ditmas Park, Brooklyn; 718-282-3750 or 646-785-1593