Commenter Marcel Vigneron Doesn’t Appreciate Us Making a ‘Mochery’

marcel vigneron

Is this photo better?Photo: Patrick McMullan

After we chided Marcel Vigneron for preparing what a publicist promised would be a foam martini at a $195 Astor Center demo (something we compared to Red Sox scapegoat Bill Buckner charging for autographs), a commenter claiming to be him clarified that he actually ended up using "olive water sphears," not foam. Oh, but that’s just the start of it.
THIS ARTICLE MAKES A MOCHERY OF SOMTHING IMPORTANT TO ME AND NEEDS TO BE RECORDED MORE ACURATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First off, there was no foam in my "Dirty Martinni with a twist", but rather olive water sphears, Hendriks, Brine, and Noilly. Secondly, I'm not a freak, this paper just decided to chose the worst possible photo. Furthermore, the analogy of Buckner is mad inaprope! The demo was not about "foam" it was about Creativity, Sustainability, and Seasonality, with an emphasis on Modern Global Cuisine! And for your information I didn't sing metalica for the finale, I busted out a little culinary rap hip hop pooetry. Lastly, according to Astor, NBC, and the CIA it was there best demo yet, with the highest turnout, the tastiest food, and obvi the most interesting and informative. WHAT!!!!!!CHECK YOUR FILES GRUBSTREET

Is that really you, Marcel? If so, e-mail us: We have to admit we’re curious to try those olive-water spheres, though we’re not sure about the “pooetry.”

Marcel Vigneron Introduces the Foam Martini


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