Chris Cheung, Late of Monkey Bar, Considers His Options

chris cheung

Chris Cheung: on to the next thing.Photo courtesy Chris Cheung

Bret Thorn, over at Nations Restaurant News, checks in today with Chris Cheung, the suddenly former chef of Monkey Bar. Cheung is still employed by former Monkey Bar owner the Glazier Group and may be offered a corporate position there, he tells Thorn. Cheung would prefer to be in a kitchen, but utters the melancholy words all chefs say at some point: Its a pretty good time to look at all your options, I guess. Cheung is one of those chefs who has never found the right spot. His work at Almond Flower, the Chinatown fusion bistro, never quite caught on. Monkey Bar floundered, but can anyone blame Cheung for that? Hell find the right situation: You cant keep a good cook down.

Whats Next for Chris Cheung? [Nation's Restaurant News]
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