Children’s Cookbook Author Challenges Rivals Online

The imperious Tanya Wenman Steel.Photo courtesy EpicuriousIn a naked act of child-cookbook territorial aggression, Epicurious’s Tanya Wenman Steel posts a thinly veiled assault today on Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious and Missy Chase Lapine’s The Sneaky Chef, which Seinfeld was accused of ripping off. While never naming her rivals explicitly, Steel, the author of the forthcoming Real Food for Healthy Kids, writes, “Two parent cookbooks came out last year touting the philosophy of hiding good-for-you foods in not-so-good-for-you foods, like adding spinach purée to brownies. As a mother of twins and a food professional, I was appalled by this deceptive and sneaky idea.…What side do you stand on? Deception or teaching your kids to embrace their inner spinach lover?” Will Seinfeld strike back? Or ought there be a taste off by a judging panel of what yet another children’s author, Rozanne Gold, calls “gastropups”? It’s clear that there will be blood on the nursery floor before this is all done.

At War With Deception: How to Feed Kids Right [Epi-Log/Epicurious]