Changes Afoot: Grub Street Now Hiring


All things come to an end, from the elderly statesman passing into twilight while waving weakly from a balcony to the towheaded pubescent music star whose awkward weight gain and voice changes snuff out stardom at the age of 13. In a similar vein, our own Josh Ozersky, d/b/a Mr. Cutlets these many years, is departing Grub Street at the end of the month to take an editorial position at Citysearch — and so we are looking to hire a full-time writer. No formal blogging experience is necessary, but sharp writing and a solid knowledge of New York’s food and restaurant scene are a must. (Being obsessed doesn’t hurt.)

If you’re interested, e-mail Jessica Coen at jessica (dot) coen (at) nymag (dot) com with your résumé, a link to your Website (if applicable), and a couple of paragraphs about yourself and why you’d be a good fit.