Busy Chef Manager Just a Patsy, Lawyer Says

Dan Kaufman, the Busy Chef manager charged with credit-card fraud, doesn’t deserve his ignominy. His lawyer says Kaufman’s a patsy being set up by the restaurant’s owner, Alan Young. (Young is also Kaufman’s landlord and may have locked Kaufman out of his house and ransacked the place.) “Dan adamantly denies any involvement in participating in frauds on credit-card transactions,” Peter Brill, Kaufman’s lawyer, told The Brooklyn Paper. “There was no way for him to receive any money from this scheme, so it’s purely illogical why he would even engage in such a scheme.” Giving credence to the idea that Kaufman wasn’t the lone gunman is a long, complicated account of Young’s past run-ins with his partners, along with an ominous promise by Brill that “a lot more details” were forthcoming that would clear Kaufman’s name. Of course, Kaufman’s own past, with his Boston creditors and their tales of deception, didn’t come up.

Lawyer: Busy Chef a ‘Patsy’ — and Not the First [Brooklyn Paper]
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