BunBelieveable! Bun Goes 24/7, Repeats Nutso Free-Food Promo

Our frowns have finally turned upside down.
Our frowns have finally turned upside down. Photo: Melissa Hom

Last time we checked in on the Soho scene, Bun was planning to go 24/7 in August and so was Delicatessen. Bun had originally been aiming for June, so it had a bit of a head start, but given all of its ordeals, we assumed Delicatessen would pull it off first. Well, we got schooled: Not only is Bun now open 24/7, but, in a stunning show of chutzpah, they’re repeating the free-food promotion that got them in hot water in the first place — Bun’s website advertises FREE FOOD from midnight to 6 a.m. during Saturdays and Sundays in August and September. Wha-wha-what? If you don’t believe us, call owner Tony Lam to make a reservation —his cell phone number and his new menu can be found on the website. Please, go easy on the man this time around.