‘Bottle Shock’ Stomps French Wine All Over Again

In France in 1976, California wines were found superior to the best French vintages in a historic blind tasting known as the Judgment of Paris. Bottle Shock, a movie loosely based on those events, opens today, starring Alan Rickman as snotty Englishman Steven Spurrier (the real-life Parisian wine merchant who orchestrated the tasting event as a publicity stunt) and Bill Pullman as the wary, rough-edged vintner from Château Montelena. There are Napa panoramas, PG-13 romps between a nubile trio of young winery workers, and an inside look at the mavericks who made California wine worth drinking. Watch the trailer and then sneak a bottle of NoCal’s finest into the theater. —Alexandra Vallis

Bottle Shock [Official site]