Black Iron Burger’s Griddle Isn’t Actually Made of Black Iron

It's not black, and it's not iron, but it works.
It’s not black, and it’s not iron, but it works. Photo: Melissa Hom

Black Iron Burger Shop was created with a noble tool in mind: a heavy piece of ancient black iron that burgers would be griddled upon. But then owner Jason Hennings came up with an even more noble tool: an $8,000 Keating Miraclean griddle, a steel-and-chrome, thermostatically regulated monster that will be a lot easier on the small space than a black iron monolith would have been. “It’s way more energy-efficient,” Hennings says. “It doesn’t emit any heat except on the surface where the burger hits it. Plus, because it doesn’t get seasoned like cast iron, each burger comes off with a really clean flavor, and always will. It lets the meat have its true flavor.” Now the only challenge is to make sure the grill man lets the griddle do its work, Hennings says. “They always want to keep flipping it. Just give it two minutes on this and it will come out perfect.” The place is opening Monday, so you’ll be able to judge for yourself.

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