Bar Back Confesses to Spotlight Live Killing

When the Daily News reported this morning that a woman had been killed and hidden in a rooftop room at Spotlight Live during Lil Kims birthday party, VIP host Josh Johnson told the paper he wouldnt be surprised if a bouncer was responsible. Now Reuters reports that 24-year-old Rahman Syed not a bouncer, but a bar back at the club has confessed to cornering Ingrid Rivera in an elevator after she was kicked out for being drunk and then hitting her with a pipe after she refused his advances. We will be taking a very focused look at that club, police commissioner Ray Kelly says, and no wonder: Youll recall that a man was killed and five others stabbed during a brawl there in January.

Update: The Times has the suspects name as Syed Rahman (not Rahman Syed, as Reuters reported) and reveals that a friend of Rivera also refused Rahmans advances. After Rivera was ejected from the party, her friend went looking for her but wasnt allowed to leave the club due to an unrelated dispute. She followed Rahman when told that Rivera was in a penthouse, then escaped him on the roof. Rahman then found Rivera outside and took her to the roof. Suspicion fell on him because of the friends account and because he left work two hours early that night.

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