American Hero Joey Chestnut Settles for Silver in Beer-Chugging


The No. 1 competitive eater in the country and possibly in the world, after he humbled Takeru Kobayashi in two straight Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contests may have met his match. Joey Jaws Chestnut has pounded a gallon of milk in 41 seconds, but in something akin to Rau'shee Warrens stunning upset at the hands of a South Korean boxer, he was thoroughly schooled by newcomer Dewey Hammond in beer-chugging. In a scene straight out of Beerfest, Hammond pounds a pitcher in a mind-boggling 9.9 seconds, leaving Chestnut spewing and ashamed. The video wed like to see, of course, is of Hammond ten minutes later, discussing a historical event.

Joey Chestnut Beer Chug [Hard for the Yard via Deadspin]