American Hero Joey Chestnut Settles for Silver in Beer-Chugging


The No. 1 competitive eater in the country — and possibly in the world, after he humbled Takeru Kobayashi in two straight Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contests — may have met his match. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut has pounded a gallon of milk in 41 seconds, but in something akin to Rau’shee Warren’s stunning upset at the hands of a South Korean boxer, he was thoroughly schooled by newcomer Dewey Hammond in beer-chugging. In a scene straight out of Beerfest, Hammond pounds a pitcher in a mind-boggling 9.9 seconds, leaving Chestnut spewing and ashamed. The video we’d like to see, of course, is of Hammond ten minutes later, discussing a historical event.

Joey Chestnut Beer Chug [Hard for the Yard via Deadspin]