No One Wants Hormone-Laden Milk; Arby’s Set to Expand in New York

Consumers are buying less milk from cows treated with hormones, so Monsanto is looking to sell off its cow-hormone-production business. [NYT]

Nestl, the worlds largest food-and-beverage company by sales, raised its prices and has seen an increase in net income. Good for them. [WSJ]

Just because a new crop of microwaveable meals for kids contains organic ingredients doesnt mean its all that healthy or tasty. [WSJ]

Get ready for more roast beef. Arbys plans to open 41 franchises in the New York City area over the next decade. [NRN]

When faced with moldy cheese, simply cut off the affected area and eat the rest, unless, of course, it has cracks that can harbor toxin-producing storage molds. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Vosges Haut-Chocolat, which made its name with unique pairings like bacon and chocolate, is a major small-business success these days, pulling in $12 million last year. [WSJ]