World’s Best, Strangest Cooking Show Found on Internet

We don’t pretend to understand Food Party. But having become totally hypnotized by the genius of its Pee-wee’s Playhouse–like primitivism and the surreal geniality of host Thu Tran, a Brooklyn artist who seems to be the primary creative force behind the show, we are able to think of little else. Three episodes have gone online over the past few months, and they’re best described by the Food Party site itself: “Food Party is a (would-be) TV cooking show with a spicy Saigon kitchen-witch as your hostess, a cast of unruly puppets as culinary advisors, and a cavalcade of hip-hop/sports world celebrities as surprise dinner guests.” This particular episode involves an “egg party” with special appearances by puppet birds, “Yolko Ono,” and the Devil. It’s best to just watch it. Then your dreams can be haunted the way ours are.

Food Party [Official site via Metafilter]