Where to Eat in Flushing (Hint: It’s in a Mall)

The Golden Shopping Mall: a microcosm of Flushing and, hence,
of China.Photo courtesy Serious EatsJulia Moskin’s epic article on Flushing’s Chinatown in today’s Times makes the Asian-food mecca seem overwhelming. Long a Shangri-la for the truly adventurous, Flushing’s Chinese (and Korean and Taiwanese and Vietnamese) restaurants present such a baffling array of choices that even the most knowledgeable foodie is little better off than a novice. We’re happy that Moskin recommends the one place in Flushing where you can stuff yourself with food and knowledge: the Golden Mall, a year-old food court in Flushing with an already devoted following among Asian-food aficionados. Joe DiStefano did an illustrated guide to the mall on Serious Eats earlier this year that mentions several of the vendors mentioned by Moskin. Advanced eaters should consult the excellent interactive map included in the Times. Start training: Exploring Flushing should be an Olympic sport.

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