Were the Latest Craigslisters a No-Ko Last Night?

There was nary a surprise at Ko last night — the menu was pretty much the same as it was a couple of months ago — except for this one: empty seats! A note to Eater confirms there was a cancellation: “I was at Momofuku Ssäm last night with my cousin, and a guy who hooked us up when we all went there a few months ago came over and told me they had a cancellation at Ko and asked if we wanted to go.” (Sort of like those street pushers who beg you to sit in on a taping of the Letterman show at the last second.) Could the no-show have come from the “Ko girls” — “one blonde gal, age 28, and one sassy brunette, age 32” — who, inspired by our own Ko-thario, trolled Craigslist for “a handsome gent from Manhattan available on the evening of Monday, June 30th, and capable of fantastic dinner conversation”?

Blogger Andrea Harner, who celebrated her anniversary at Ko last night (a week early, thanks to the daunting reservation system), says she didn’t see them, and the restaurant has only two seatings. Is it that hard to find a handsome Manhattan gent capable of fantastic dinner conversation? Or is the Ko hype finally starting to die down?

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