Cheftestant Lisa Strives for Our Affection

Many former Top Chef contestants do pretty well for themselves as B-list celebrity chefs. (Even season one’s lachrymose Dave Martin, who never even made it to the final, is still milking his fame.) But what of the cheftestants people just don’t like? In a Time Out feature this week, the mag asks, “Can the most hated contestant in Top Chef history redeem her rep by fixing our readers a gourmet five-course meal for under $20?” Fernandes aced the challenge, cooking simple Asian fare of the same kind she did on Top Chef, but watching the video, we find it hard to think that anyone will be warming up to her: She’s still the same unsmiling Gorgon we all remember, albeit one who moves briskly and competently through her paces.

Cooking With Lisa Fernandes [TONY]

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