‘Time Out New York’ Tries, in Vain, to Show a Nicer Side of Lisa Fernandes

lisa fernandes

Lisa Fernandes: the good side of the Gorgon.Photo courtesy Bravo

Can Lisa Fernandes ever win New York over? In the latest stage of the Gorgon-rehabilitation project, Time Out New York writer Ashlea Halpern who spent time with Fernandes on a recent cooking feature found herself sorta liking the Top Chef villain. Can a woman who delights in taking her girlfriends kid out to Asian buffets and explaining the myriad strange foods on offer really be rotted to the core? Halpern mused. Can a chef who oohs and ahhs over cutesy products like Kewpie mayo, or who can make a fishmonger at a Flushing supermarket chuckle despite the language barrier really be the culinary Antichrist? These questions arent purely rhetorical ones. Were still thinking about them.

In defense of Lisa (sort of) [TONY]