The Death and Rebirth of Seymour Burton

Seymour Burton has closed, reports the Feed. The restaurant is undergoing Department of Health–sponsored renovations, and the owners took the opportunity to reconsider their concept. “When we first opened, we were constantly in a state of renovation. When the DOH closed us down, it coincided with the slowest time of the year, so we decided to take advantage and address some of the less focused aspects of the original concept,” owner Adam Cohn told the blog. Co-owner Adam Kushner will no longer be involved. The new restaurant, which will open in September, will still be “rustic American,” prepared by chef Josh Shuffman. There will be a new burger, too, or at least the same burger “in a different form,” which is as good as a new burger. That’s one innovation we don’t approve of.

Breaking: Seymour Burton Closing, Reopening Under New Name [TONY]