The Boat Is Back! Frying Pan Finally Reopens

Okay, now it’s summer. After being dry-docked by bureaucracy, the Frying Pan quietly reopened last Thursday, and though it will now have to close at a schoolgirl-ish 1 a.m. seven days a week, everything else looks, dare we say, better than ever. A stop in (or stop on) yesterday revealed a fancier covered bar area, some new antique bar stools, a central fountain, and Ping-Pong and Foosball tables. The crowd was blessedly thin last night — so much so that the kitchen closed around 10:30 p.m., though not before we had a lobster on the water and a $5 beer (mixed drinks are a couple bucks more). Here — because you know you’re curious — is the rest of the menu.

Starters and Appetizers

Mediterranean mixed mezze - $7.38

Steamed littleneck clams - $12.91

Steamed cultivated P.E.I. mussels - $10.14

Crab cake with avocado - $11.99

Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail - $11.99

frying pan

The Ping-Pong table and bar.Photo: Daniel Maurer


Organic field greens - $6.45

The iceberg wedge - $10.14

Seared tuna nicoise salad - $16.60

frying pan

The Ping-Pong table.Photo: Daniel Maurer


Margarita - $8.30

Proscuitto and melon - $10.14

Spinach and wild mushroom - $10.14

frying pan

The sky deck.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Sides - $3.69

Old Bay garlic fries

Plain French fries

Dill potato salad

Corn on the cob with herb butter

frying pan

Burgers, Dogs, and Sandwiches

Grilled 8 oz. sirloin burger - $9.22

Chopped vegetable burger - $9.22

Hebrew National hot dog - $2.76

Steamed live Main lobster - $22.22
Grilled slice skirt steak - $17.53
Jerk rubbed organic half chicken $16
BBQ Saint Louis spare ribs - $16.60
Citrus glazed grilled salmon filet - $16
“Clam bake” on the Hudson - $17.53

Quoth our dinner companion, “Why aren’t we here every day of the summer?” Well, we will be now.

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